Pollocks Toy Museum Trust decorative papers

Pollocks papers sampleA set of 11 different printed papers on matte 100gsm paper, size 700x480mm.
Toy theatres were a popular Victorian home entertainment and Benjamin Pollock was the last produced left in 1930s Hoxton. The Pollocks Toy Museum Trust publishes many designs in wrapping paper format, with pantomime characters and the complete plays of Oliver Twist, Jack the Giant Killer and The Battle of Waterloo, plus a sheet of Victorian Zoetrope moving images and a new design by Celia Ward based on Romanian carnival costumes.


We have 5 sets available. The winners will be the top 5 bidders.
These items will be posted out to the winners.
Opening bid: £5.
Bid increments £5
To bid, scroll down and enter in the comments box. Thanks!


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