John Scarman Garden Consultant

6cb324fc77a1ad3b4f3717dbea7356781 hour of garden design / consultancy
If you’d like your garden to look like something from the Chelsea Flower show, John Scarman can tell you how to do it.  He’s won 3 Silver Gilts and 1 Silver, and worked on the gardens of many stately homes.  As well as consultancy for wealthy clients in Europe, he runs courses and has written a book on his specialism – roses.  Or if pruning is something you’d like to learn, your hour could revolve around that.
[This offer is worth in the region of £45.]

20p per mile within 20 miles radius of Thanet other wise ‘by negotiation’
Opening bid: £5.
To bid, scroll down and enter in the comments box. Thanks!

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