Friends Of

Friends of Arlington Margate (FOAM) has the following aims and objectives:

  • To safeguard  the entire Arlington Margate site and  gain recognition for the heritage site as one of national and local interest and importance.
  • To re-open the entire Arlington Margate site as a prominent, popular, public amenity for the benefit of all who visit or reside in Margate/Cliftonville/Thanet.
  • Confirm and coordinate public enthusiasm already shown for taking this project forward.
  • Resist any development on the site which will negatively impact the architectural integrity of the site and its setting.
  • Ascertain a true account of the historic, heritage, educational, nostalgic and other values of  the Arlington Margate  site.
  • Ensure that the changes that come with regeneration respect the heritage of Thanet and are for the present and future benefit of all residents and visitors to the area.
If you are interested in contacting the Friends of Arlington Margate, please send us a message using the form below.

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