The Rag and Bone Man – Golf club clothes hanger

IMG_0481“A perfect gift for the modern gent who enjoys bespoke, handmade products with a contemporary edge (and the golf widow looking for some therapy!)

Their series of handmade golf club clothes hangers are made from unwanted clubs. Each hanger is unique in its combination of clubs, serial number and production date which are hand stamped on to each frame. These pieces are an inventive, ethical solution to the vast amount of golf clubs that we see thrown away every year.

Margate based 21st Century Totter Paul Firbank fuses British heritage and contemporary craftsmanship, transforming vintage machinery, iconic engine parts and modern scrap into a bespoke lighting, furniture and accessories.

RRP £130
The winning bidder to collect in person in Margate or pay postage (for delivery in the UK only).



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