Mariette Castellino – Presentation Skills session 2 hours

Mariette 18_4_11Mariette Castellino is a Mastercoach who delivered a Masterclass at the Academy of Executive Coaching.  She’s coached Chief Executives and employees in large and small companies. 

Presentation Skills – up to 2 hours – Skype or in person
You could improve the content and delivery of a presentation you have to make, or work generally on your presentation skills.  Find out the most powerful words you can use; what information to give and what not to say; the order in which to say it; how to deal with your nerves, or something else.  Mariette Castellino has taught Presentation Skills at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  She trained all levels of managers and private individuals to make more persuasive and powerful presentations.  It could be your turn next!

Opening bid: £5.
Bid increments £5
To bid, scroll down and enter in the comments box. Thanks!

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