Newsflash: Secretary of State calls in Appeal for Arlington Margate

We have just received the unprecedented news fron the Planning Inspectorate that the Secretary of State considers that he should determine the Appeal by Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited himself.

The Secretary of State will now determine the appeal not the Inspector. The Inspector will write a report and recommendation which will be forwarded to the Secretary of State.

The reason for this direction is that:

“the appeal involves proposals which involve any main town centre use or uses where that use or uses comprise(s) over 9,000m2 gross floorspace (either as a single proposal or as part of or in combination with other current proposals and which are proposed or as part of or in combination with other current proposals) and which are proposed on a site in an edge-of-centre or out-of-centre location that is not in accordance with an up-to-date development plan document.”

We will be back with more news later. But for now, we feel vindicated that we participated within this process. This is a large and far ranging development proposal.

Letter from Planning Inspectorate to Thanet District Council 12-11-2012