Margate’s car parking will only get worse with the Tesco superstore

We all know parking is an issue in Margate. We used to have the Arlington carpark, but no more. Dreamland will also be taken out of the equation once the park in developed and pressure will increase as the park will bring thousands of extra visitors to the town. Freshwater’s plans to develop the Tesco stipulate that their available carparking will be for their customers and they will discourage usage by visitors to the town or the beach.

If and when the Tesco superstore is built plus Dreamland opens in two year’s
time it will make Marine Terrace and All Saints Avenue look like this on a sunny weekend in July and August.

This is a picture of Arlington car parking in 2008.

Below is the Dreamland car park full last Sunday August 19th 2012. This was an ordinary warm Sunday. There were no special events going on in town.  Where will everyone park when Dreamland is open and the Arlington car park is a Tesco Superstore?


The Arlington car park was closed off to Public parking in 2010. This is in contravention of the lease that Metropolitan Realizations has with Thanet District Council.

Below are a series of pictures from July when parking chaos ensued when a large group visited the beach.Image