The Arlington Tesco planning appeal is confirmed as registered by the Planning Inspectorate

The Planning Inspectorate have confirmed that an appeal for non-determination of the Freshwater planning application TH/10/1061 has been lodged on the 26th of October 2011. To view go to:
Enter the case ref: 2163595

Hopefully, this link will also work:

What happens now?
The Local Planning Authority, Thanet District Council will announce the start date of the appeal and there will then be a strict 6 week period for everyone, including the public, to submit written evidence. This can also be new information pertinent to the application. A Public Inquiry will then take 10-20 weeks from the initial start date.

Download a PDF guide to Public Inquiries 

The guide includes this information:

“The LPA will send us copies of any letters of support or objection they received about the planning application while considering it. These will be fully considered by the Inspector who decides the appeal. If you did not write at application stage, or you did write and now have something new to say, you can send us your comments. You can submit your comments on line through the Planning Portal using the Planning Casework Service, or you can write or email to us. The LPA should have told you our Case Officer’s contact details.

If you sent us your comments in a letter, if possible, please send us three copies of it. Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt. If you want to make written comments, you must make sure that we receive your comments within six weeks of the starting date for the appeal. The LPA should have told you the deadline. We will send copies of your comments to the appellant, the LPA and the Inspector .

The time limit for sending comments to us is important, and everyone taking part in an appeal must follow it. If you send us comments after the end of the time limit, we will not normally accept them. Instead we will return them to you. This means that the Inspector will not take them into account. However you may attend and ask to speak at the inquiry- see the paragraph below called “What happens at the inquiry?”.

The Planning Casework Officer’s details for the Arlington Margate Case ref: 2163595
Hannah Dickson
Telephone 0117 372 6372
Case Officer email

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