Will proposed works to Arlington House improve it?

Tucked away in the Planning Committee Agenda document pack for the Planning Committee hearing next Wednesday the 19th of October, there is a Supplementary Agenda item: Timing of Proposed Works to Arlington House. Remember that despite this planning application (F/TH/10/1061) not being yet officially decided on. No final Decision Notice has been issued, the public is not allowed to comment on these documents.
The report states:

“Since the report regarding the timing of development was written the applicant has advised that the works to Arlington House (except the 31 flats where the applicant’s control is unclear) can be completed prior to the trading of the store, rather than the fit out of the store.”
Do you see which bit is relevant here? We have always drawn attention to the legal dispute that Freshwater have with promising TDC a refurbished facade of Arlington House as a trade of for granting permission to build the massive superstore. And here we have it.
The original windows will be replaced in flats that Freshwater control, but this leaves 31 flats in dispute. 31 flats in random positions in the facade, will retain the original windows.
Is this an improvement or inappropriate patchwork?

The original Arlington House windows have light grey, slim aluminium frames, clear glass with horizontal sliding. They have been in place for almost 50 years. Can you say that about any variety of Upvc window available? And how about on a seafront location like Margate?

All glazed panels are the same size with equally spaced mullions. The profile of the opening windows is the same as the fixed panels. This fine and considered detailing results in a constant regular rhythm in the facade.
The proposed replacement windows will be thick framed dark Upvc framed with tinted glass, irregular mullion spacing and thicker framing where opening windows occur.  So uneven spacing in appearance.
Will the window replacement improve the appearance of the building or result in an unsightly patchwork?
The applicant has provided samples on the facade, a computerised visualisation and scaled drawings. The 3 representations show different window configurations. None of the representations is of the windows that are actually being proposed.

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